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Bin Wheel and Clothepins

Caring for Our Environment


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Clothespin Box
Clothespin Box

Econopack Clothespin Box
Econopack Clothespin Box

Heavy Duty Plastic Clothespins
Heavy-Duty Clothespins

Replacement 12 Inch Wheel
12 Inch Rubber Wheels

Plastic Clothespins and Replacement Bin Wheels

Get quality, long-lasting plastic clothespins and replacement bin wheels in Saint-Damien-de-Buckland, QC, for your curbside garbage and recycling carts from Jumco International, Inc. in Quebec. We proudly manufacture our eco-friendly products and ship all across North America. Take a proactive approach to your home living needs when you visit our online shop.


Learn More About Our Clothespins

Our durable, rust-free plastic clothespins are guaranteed not to harm your laundry. Available in 12, 40, and 50-pack options, you can purchase them in our quality plastic boxes. Choosing our Econopack clothespins box ensures their protection from the elements while keeping them in a single, easy-to-access container and ready for use.

Ask About Our Recycled Rubber Replacement Wheels

We also produce heavy-duty replacement wheels for most of today's city-issued roadside garbage and recycling bins. Designed to last up to 50 years, these heavy-duty wheels made of recycled rubber are designed for ease of use and are notably quiet. We’re so confident in the quality of our replacement wheels that we back them with a full five-year warranty.

Purchase a set of replacement bin wheels from us today and we’ll gladly take 25% off your total order. It’s our way of saying thank you for turning to us for your laundry and trash collection parts.

Equipping your cans or recycling bins with our replacement wheels will reduce their noisiness as you bring them to the edge of your property for trash collection. Your neighbors will thank you, especially if you’re part of an early morning route.

Buy from Environmentally Conscious Company

Jumco International, Inc. is an environmentally aware company, and everything we produce is designed for longevity and is remolded from recycled material. Best of all, all of our affordable products are made under the same roof, so you don’t have to worry about buying from multiple providers to get what you need to satisfy your home living needs. When you purchase from us, you can take comfort knowing you are helping us care for the world at large, all the while receiving the finest quality products available today.

Contact our company in Saint Damien-de-Buckland, Quebec, for high-quality clothespins and replacement trash bin wheels. We proudly serve customers throughout North America.

Watch for our new snow markers, coming soon and made from 100% recycled material like all our other products!

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Order your high performance, plastic clothespins today.

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Extend the life of your green bin with quality replacement wheels.

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Get quiet, green cart replacement wheels made from recycled rubber.

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